About Us



Classy, sassy and a little smart assy- Nicole was a hairstylist for 10 years, has a bachelor’s in education and worked in the nonprofit sector as a grant writer, garden educator and program director. Her extroverted personality, love for all things vintage and disdain for being micromanaged led her to the kickass world of entrepreneurship. Her fashion icons are the Golden Girls (minus that hideous toilet paper roll wedding dress Dorothy wore). Nicole is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady and mom of a precious puppers. She’s married to an intellectual with a beautiful beard and has an awesome stepdaughter. She spends her free time thrifting, hiking, mountain biking, crafting and dabbling in graphic design. Nicole has a thirst for adventure that will never be quenched and hopes to see all 59 National Parks before she kicks the bucket. Nicole enjoys helping customers select unique items that express their personal style and she loves a good heart-to-heart!



Rachel’s love for “extra AF” accessorizing began in her childhood with bows, Lisa Frank, and many strands of fake pearls. She continues her dynasty-meets-punk-rock style quest and is ready to help you find rare and eccentric accessories for your personal style. She is a native of Alabama and has called Birmingham home for almost twenty years. She lives, works, and was educated in downtown Birmingham; its atmosphere and community gives meaning to many parts of her life. She manages a hidden-gem, dive Italian restaurant and has been involved with Charm for close to nine years. During her free time she volunteers with young locals, hangs out with cool animals, and paints abstract works.